What are my chances of being accepted in to Kansas State University?

I am looking into transferring from Brookhaven Community College in Farmers Branch, TX to K state with my friend. I know she’ll probably get in cause she has a 3.5 GPA. I was wondering what my chances are.

My Cumulative GPA from my first College was 1.3. I had a really rough first year. Then my second Colleges Cumulative GPA is either going to be a 2.4 or 2.5. I also will have a total from both Colleges of 36 or 33 Credit Hours.

I know K states Acceptance rate is about 95% and that for Transferring Students you need 24 credit hours and at least a 2.0 Cumulative GPA or higher to be considered. I just sent in an application and I’ll be sending my transcripts shortly soon as well.

What do ya’ll think my chances are?