What are my chances of being accepted to BYU Provo and/or Idaho

I’m an international student from Ireland applying as a freshman for the Fall 2018 semester. I’m very conscious that my scores are sub average and wondered what my chances are.

My SAT score is 1140 (new SAT) which apparently equates to 25 ACT. I haven’t found out what my GPA is as of yet because my school grades need transferred to the US system but I’m thinking it’ll be around 3.2.

I’m am a recent convert so have never attended Seminary (I was over 18 when I joined the church because my parents wouldn’t allow me to join before). My school grades averaged at about a B. I think I have quite interesting Essays/ extra curricular activities and background story which I hope will make up for my bad grades but don’t want to get my hopes up.

Anyone have any idea on my chances?

Just got GPA back it’s actually 3.49

3.4 is a bit low for Provo. Usually the average is around 3.7. ACT is also a couple points low as well. It’s certainly worth a shot because you have a good conversion story. If you do get denied, going on a mission could help your chances a lot.

Idaho is a very different place. Their enrollment is pretty much open. All you have to do is apply and you should get in. Certain degree programs are more limited than Provo, so be sure to make sure there is a good plan for what you want to major in. Good luck!

BYU Provo is definitely a high reach, but BYU Idaho is a solid match/safety.

Would you get into university back home?

Yeah I would but we take different tests over here not SAT’s and GPA

For anyone reading this in years to come wanting to work out your chances, I was blessed to be accepted to both BYU Provo and Idaho.