what are my chances of georgia tech

i am a senior in Georgia
Applying as a Psychology Major
Scores Act: 30 (Math: 35)
9 AP, 4 Dual Enrollment (BC Calc, Physics C, Physics 1, Government, Spanish)
Vice President of Student Ambassadors Club
Raised $5,000 for the Students of the Year Campaign (Candidate
Over 200 volunteer service hours
Civic Leadership Institute,
Been involved in Drama for past two years
NHS, Social Studies NHS, Thespians,

Getting into GT in-state depends on many things:

  1. Your GPA (not included above)
  2. How many other kids in your High School are applying. Some schools have upwards of 50 or more kids applying and even if all are qualified, GT definitely wont take them all to ensure diversity and a range of locations for their upcoming freshman class.
  3. Class rank (even if your high school doesnt rank, colleges do figure it out based off GPA and your counselor’s report which includes a class profile.)

Officially GT says they do not consider major when looking at applicants because many change majors and to prevent kids from applying under a less popular major and then transferring into a harder one, that said Psych is a less common major there so hopefully that will work for you. I have a hard time believing they dont consider it a little so that they have balance in the classrooms (i.e. not overfull engineering classes and empty science classes).
I hope you get in but remember, you will have a wonderful future no matter where you go and the college admissions process is a bit of a crazy dice roll.

I come from a pretty competitive high school. My GPA is 97. We don;t do class rank but I am pretty sure that I am in the top 10 % of my class. That said though, there are still about 50 people higher than me out of a total class of 2,100

With fifty kids above you (and many of them presumably planning to apply to GT), combined with an ACT score of 30, I’d say you have a real challenge ahead of you. Your ECs are good but not outstanding when compared with those in the general applicant pool at this school. Plenty of kids with much higher scores are routinely rejected. I think the best things going for you are obviously the instate status (still difficult though) and the planned psych major track. I agree with the previous poster that potential class numbers for the various majors are considered, which helps you, as GT does not draw psych majors in large numbers. That said, your application can hopefully reflect an ongoing interest in and commitment to psychology rather than only a strong desire to be admitted to GT. It would seem to be very important in your case, but I don’t see anything in your comments or stats that would demonstrate such support.

There are 2 things that concern me.

A 35 on the math section is excellent, but a 30 is not and it makes me wonder what you got on the other sections. You might not want to submit the ACT score. Especially if you have solid AP scores.

Why Psychology at GT? Without ECs and an essay to answer that GT is likely to think you’re trying to use an under represented major to get in.

Just got my act score back superscore of a 33 - dont know if that changes anything tho; also forgot to mention started a tutoring program

This is the same persob as before just using my brothers account byw

Act superscore would be a 33, and started a tutoring program- forgot to mention that before

33 is better than 30, obviously, Go ahead and use that You’ve still got a good bunch of kids above you in your own school, and the ECs haven’t changed much. By all means add the tutoring but this is still going to be a tough haul for most who want to apply to this school.