What are my chances of getting accepted into CSUF?

Hi I am planning on transferring to CSUF for the fall 2021 term. The application period starts tomorrow.
I have a 3.6 GPA
I do not have an AA or ADT, I will be a general upper division transfer student.
Golden four grades: A, A, A, B (B is in Math).
My major is Communicative Disorders.
I am not local to CSUF, I live in the next county over from Orange County.

What are my chances?

The average CSU transfer GPA for CSUF 2020 was 3.37 (not major specific) which makes you a competitive applicant.

Best of luck.

probably - but, i’d also apply elsewhere to your local CSU so you can keep your momentum.

Unfortunately my local CSU, which is CSUSB, does not have my major. I am also applying to every other Southern California CSU that has it