What are my chances of getting accepted into rutgers new brunswick?


<p>I was just looking for some advice on if Rutgers was a viable option for college. I am currently a junior in a high school in New Jersey, and my ultimate goal is to do ROTC at Rutgers and graduate as a Second Lieutenant in the army. I plan on joining the National Guard when I turn 17 over the summer (for tuition assistance and some intro to military life) and then complete BCT the summer before freshman year. Then I will join ROTC my junior year and hope to graduate active duty.</p>

<p>GPA: 3.1 (as of now, plan to get to 3.3/3.4)
SAT: 1710 (as of now, plan to get to 1800)
Sports: None
Outside of school activities: Junior on my local rescue squad, plan to get EMT when I turn 17. Plan to join National Guard when I turn 17 over the summer. Work on a commercial Buffalo Farm.</p>

<h1>of AP/Honors taken: 6 (plan to take 2 more next year)</h1>

<p>Letter of recomdations: I have been talking to a retired colonel in the Army for a while, as well as a currently active duty Major that would both be willing to write me letters of recommendations.</p>

<p>So what do you guys think? About the GPA increase, I am taking AP ECON and AP Physics this year so those should raise my GPA, and I've only taken the SAT once sophomore year so I should be able to increase that score.</p>

<p>Your SAT is about average for Rutgers, although your GPA is definitely low. So, I think you are likely to get in, especially if you raise your GPA.</p>

<p>Be careful about the National Guard approach. Make sure that you can handle its time commitments along with college. My suggestion is to wait an additional year before joining the Guard. In other words wait until you have all of your college plans in place, such as knowing that you are going to Rutgers (or not).</p>

<p>Also consider the Army ROTC scholarship. I think it would be more financially beneficial than the Guard, and would give you more options as far as colleges to choose from.</p>

<p>Finally, everybody should take both the SAT and the ACT. Often people do much better on one than the other. So sign up for the ACT this year too.</p>

<p>Ive already talked to the ROTC head at rutgers and have come up with a plan. I mainly want to do the guard to get accustomed to military life, because who knows i could possibly hate it. </p>

<p>Okay. Sounds like you are planning ahead and talking to the right people. Very good. =D> </p>

<p>Yeah the only problem is getting accepted into Rutgers, my Aunt and Uncle went there and my grandparents might donate money (haven’t asked). I think my GPA and SAT scores should suffice though.</p>