What are my chances of getting accepted into Uiuc?

Hi so I’m applying to UIUC for psychology and I have a 4.142 weighted gpa and a 1180 SAT score (660 for reading and 520 for math). I got a D my freshman year in chemistry but I explained in the explain your circumstances part that I was going through abuse and a death in the family during that time. I have taken A.P. Human, A.P. World History, A.P. Lang, and I’m taking A.P. Chinese and A.P. Psych and took six years in Chinese. All my classes (with the exception of jrotc) are honors, I’m ranked on JROTC staff as the Cadet captain S5 and I’m in charge of the monthly newsletter, I’m president of East Asian Culture club, I placed silver in the national NAACP ACTSO competition for poetry written, I’m in Chinese National honor society, I’m in the school varsity choir and we’ve received some awards, I’m in acapella choir, I worked with after school matters as an advanced apprentice artist, I’ve done volunteer work at a Chinese senior citizens home, and I helped lead a food pantry during the COVID pandemic. I also got the A.P. Scholar award and many local poetry awards. I’m also an Illinois resident and go to a selective enrollment school that has really good standing with Uiuc. I wrote my essay about wanting to go into engineering psychology and taking A.P. Psych and Prob and stats to prepare for it. Do you think they’ll accept me? Thank you for your time :slightly_smiling_face:

UIUC psychology is a competitive major, and admissions is going to look at your unweighted GPA, core courses only…what is that?

It’s not clear whether you have already applied or not. If not, I would apply test optional, as the mid 50% SAT score for LAS was 1320-1480 for class of 2024. https://admissions.illinois.edu/Apply/Freshman/profile

Does your school use Naviance or Scoir? If so, how does your profile look on the scattergram?

UIUC psych is likely a reach for you (pending answers to the above questions), so also choose a second major. Make sure to apply to match schools and at least one affordable safety.

Good luck.

Hi thanks for your reply! I applied early action and I only gave my weighted gpa and I submitted my test scores :disappointed: My school has Naviance and the scatter grams are kinda mixed. One person with almost the same stats as me was accepted and one person got denied. My GPA is lower than the average but my test score is a bit higher than the average on the compare me thing. The good thing is I applied undeclared as a second choice major. Welp here’s to hoping everything goes well :laughing:

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