What are my chances of getting accepted to Binghamton?

<p>I'm a Hispanic male living in NYC
Unweighted GPA: 86
Weighted GPA: 89
I took all honors courses except one math. I also took AP Biology, AP English, and AP Spanish.
SAT: 1st time: Reading: 490 Math:550 Writing:500
2nd time: Reading: 600 Math: 590 Writing: 620
3rd time: I'm waiting for the scores to come in but focused on getting higher in math and reading.
-Wrote a good essay. (can't really tell how good it is but yeah..)
-I have 3 recommenders: my Master Sergeant (I'm in JROTC), the head of the forensic institute, and my chemistry teacher.</p>

<p>Extra curricular's:
-on a very demanding armed drill team for JROTC (3 hours everyday after school and 8 hour saturday practices) and won National Championship. #1 Armed drill team in the nation.
-Over 500 hours of community service: includes food drives, clothes drives, marching in various parades, volunteering at nursing homes and Ronald McDonald home, and park clean ups among other things.
-Won a full scholarship to attend Michigan Tech University for 2 weeks to study civil engineering during my summer after my sophomore year.
-In Aspira (Hispanic heritage club)
-in Arista (National Honor Society)
-Gateway (honors program for Hispanic and black students)
-on my school newspaper (wrote articles for it)</p>

<p>Other schools I'm applying to:
Stony Brook
U Albany
U Buffalo
Boston University
U at New Paltz
U at Old Westbury
Hunter College
Baruch College
Queens College</p>

<p>My top choice would be Binghamton. What do you think my chances are at these schools? Is there anything I could do at this point to improve my chances?</p>