What are my chances of getting admitted to USC?

<p>USC is currently my number 1 school of choice. I am applying to other schools of the same caliber, but I am really hoping that I get into USC.</p>

<p>Some background information about me: I come from a tiny island in the Pacific. Very unknown and my counselors have told me that this unique aspect of me will help with the admissions process (although it is not the absolute deciding factor). I am a Pacific Islander, Palauan to be more specific, which I think will also help slightly. Tell me if I'm wrong or misled with these assumptions!</p>

<p>GPA: 4.0/4.0 Unweighted
I am ranked #1 out of 18 students (it's a small private school), but my senior semester grades will probably knock me to number #2 (we have a competitive class)
SAT score: 1920 (CR: 630 M: 670 W: 620)
ACT score: Composite: 31 (M: 32 R: 32 E: 32 S: 28 W: not yet available)</p>

<p>I have taken the most rigorous course load available at my school (5 APs in total).</p>

10th Grade AP US History - 4/5
11th Grade AP English Language - 4/5; AP English Literature 3/5 (My teacher recommended that I take the test, even though I didn't take the class, so I did and received a 3)
12 Grade AP English Literature (in progress); AP Statistics (in progress); AP World History (in progress)</p>

Covenant Debate Finalist - Winner
All-Star for varsity volleyball team - 9th & 10th grade
MVP for entire private school varsity volleyball league - 11th grade
MVP for entire private school varsity basketball league - 11th grade
Headmasters List (3.75GPA&up) - 9th - 12th grade
AP Scholar
Respective 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place finishes in Mathcourt events
Top 30 in Regionals (Mathcourt)</p>

Varsity volleyball (played in two leagues throughout the school years) - 9th-12th garde
Varsity basketball - 9th-12th grade
CNMI Women's National Soccer Team (no joke; I traveled to Taiwan and Japan to compete in a qualifying tournament for the Women's World Cup and played against Hong Kong, Guam, Taiwan, and even ranked around #20, South Korea) - 9th-11th grade
Lincoln-Douglas Debate - 10th-12th grade
Math court - 9th & 11th grade
STUCO - 10th & 11th grade (president)
NJHS - 9th grade
NHS - 10th-12th grade (vice president in 12th grade)
Salvation Army - 12th grade (soup kitchen hours)
American Red Cross - 9th-12th grade (president of the Red Cross - SIS Chapter)</p>

<p>I am very sport-oriented, and I have done a lot of sports outside of what's on my transcript.</p>

I am pretty confident in my recommendations (principal is writing mine).</p>

I am a decent writer (which would explain the 4 in my AP English Lang.). However, I lack some aspects of creativity, but since the only supplement is a straight forward short answer, I think I will be okay. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated!</p>

<p>Again, any comments or suggestions are welcome. I'm just really hoping I get in!!!</p>