What are my chances of getting excepted into UCLA?

<p>Hello, I'm going to be Junior this upcomming school year.
My freshmen year I ended with a W: 4.2 and UW: 3.7
Sophomore year first semester: W: 4.3 and UW: 3.8
Sophomore year second semester: W: 4.4 and UW: 4.0
I have been first seed on the varsity tennis team for the past two years and hope to continue to do so.
I am a member of youth in government.
I am a member of peer connectors.
This year I will be in the National Honor Society.
Also, I have about 400 community service hours if not more.
My classes are pretty much all honors, I take every possible honors class.
This year, my junior year, I will be taking the following:
AP American History
AP Language
AP Physics
Spanish 3
Phycology 1 Hon./Drivers Ed</p>

<p>Do I have a change of getting into UCLA???
Also I live in Florida...</p>

<p>For the UC's they only "weight" AP and IB classes and only a maximum of 8 semesters. Junior year is really important. Aim for straight A's or close to that.</p>

<p>Your resume is solid. You have an average GPA and a good deal of community service hours. Make sure to study for the SAT and aim for a score of at least 2100. With that score, I'd say you have a good chance of being admitted into UCLA.</p>

<p>Wouldn't hurt to apply. Do review and edit your essays carefully and watch for spelling errors. For example, your title should read "accepted" rather than "excepted". I think you meant "Psychology", not "phycology". First impressions to a person reading the application are important. Mistakes like this tend to stand out.</p>

<p>What UCLA77 said... </p>

<p>I would also suggest taking more AP courses.</p>

<p>Judging by your title, zero.</p>

<p>+1 on what he said ^</p>

<p>in my opinion. there's four choices to get into UCLA (this is very biased)</p>

<p>1) be a rich out of state student (reason: cause CA education system needs money...who doesn't?)
2) get really high SAT/AP/IB/ACT Scores (reason: this is how they keep the academic testing scores averages high)
3) be a minority (reason: most schools now want to be "diverse" and im all for it, but gives some ethnicities disadvantages and some advantages, but now i don't care about this choice cause im in so yay me!)
4) be more than just a member...be an high ranking officer (reason: most colleges want to see that you're ACTIVE in clubs, and that you don't only worry about your academic life, but actually have a life. I know a friend who has 23XX, 15 FIVE on APs (ranging from science based to art history), and is the only Valedictorian. the best he got was UC Irvine (not saying that's it bad. it's really good and actually almost all my friends are going there...even my brother! :) why? cause he's got no EC activities. I bet if he got president or VP he would've gotten into UCLA, heck maybe even MIT)</p>

<p><3 the title of this thread...</p>

<p>Actually, his chances of getting EXCEPTED FROM the list of applicants going in is nearly certain</p>

<p>None if you're planning on being an English major.</p>

<p>do you really want to "get excepted"?</p>

<p>this thread is full of lulz</p>

<p>Anyways... you do have decent ECs and excellent GPA but have you taken your SATs?</p>


<p>The fact that I groaned audibly at the title and clicked just to read your responses and laugh makes me feel like a huge jerk. But it was worth it :)</p>

<p>excepted? "accepted"...</p>