What are my chances of getting in? please help!

<p>I applied to San Francisco state (my dream school) as an Art Major. I have a 3.2 GPA and I got a 22 on my ACT. I played volleyball all throughout highschool so my extracurriculars are not a problem. However, my freshman year I got a D+ in my english class first semester and my guidance counselor did not mention to me that I should retake that class whether it be summer school, etc. until it was too late. I plan on taking another english class to make up for that grade my second semester of senior year. I mailed the school my High school transcript about a week ago and when talking to the admissions office, they said this month and next they will begin there out of area applications (I'm from Orange County). What are my chances of getting accepted into San Francisco state? Will that D+ ruin everything?</p>