What are my chances of getting in? [Please Reply]

Hi, I’m a senior now really wanting to go to UC Davis. What are my chances of getting in?

SAT Score: 1200
GPA: 4.0

Extra-Curricular Activities:
Martial Arts
Mathematics Club
Coding Club
Varsity Basketball Player

Intended major? Your GPA is your UC GPA?

Intended Major: Computer Science

UC GPA: 4.0

UC GPA is on target but SAT a bit on the low side. Freshman admits with a UC GPA range of 3.80.-4.19 had an acceptance rate of 52%. This does not take into account a competitive major like CS, test scores, EC’s or essays, so expect the difficulty to be greater for more competitive majors.

I would say you have about a 50/50 chance for an acceptance.

Make sure you have some solid Match and Safety schools on your list and Good Luck.

Thank you

It could go either way. Outstanding essays could make all the difference Be sure to apply elsewhere. UCSC and SDSU are both good candidates for a safer option