What are my chances of getting in state tuition?

<p>I am currently a Junior at a small high school in Oklahoma.Chance me?
Rank: 7/162
GPA Weighted: 4.25
GPA Nonweighted: 3.875
ACT: 26 (first time, retesting in October)
DECA- 2 years
DECA Competive- 2 years, placed 4th in State first year. Second has yet to compete
Science Club- 2 years
Student Council- 1 year
Spanish Club- 1 year
Over 100 hours of community service
National Honor Society- 4 years
Was awarded the first ever Faculty award my Freshman year
Cool Cougar Character award for 2 years
Cougar of Excellence award 2 years
Worked as an Office Aid for 2 years (very competitive position at my school)
Was in the ILO (Gifted and Talented Class) from 2nd-9th grade (last year available)</p>

Currently enrolled: English 3, US History, Environmental Science</p>

Worked as a waitress a full summer
Work as a model for a local photographer and a local boutique</p>

<p>28 ACT sorry. </p>