What are my chances of getting in these schools for engineering?

<p>Hey I have a 3.6 weighted GPA (I know it sucks...it's because I did so poorly in freshman year, but every year my GPA keeps getting higher] and I am a junior with a 2050 SAT but I took it again and maybe did better</p>

<p>Extra Curriculars:
Concert Band/ Wind Ensemble
Spring Track
Math Team [Received the Most High Scorer Medal]
New Jersey Science League
Chemistry Olympics [Won Bronze for the competition]
Debate Team </p>

<p>AP Chemistry
Honors Math Analysis
Honors Physics</p>

<p>Will I have a good chance in any of these schools?
University of Rochester
Rugters New Brunswick
The College of New Jersey
Pittsburgh University
University of Michigan
Carnegie Mellon
New York University</p>

<p>Thanks So Much</p>

<p>Can you break out your SAT score? The math is going to matter in engineering admissions. Also, anything else to know? M/F, URM, legacy? Did you take any SAT subject tests?</p>

<p>This may help.</p>