What are my chances of getting in to the University of Michigan and Northwestern University?

I’m going to be a senior next year and the University of Michigan and Northwestern University are my dream schools.
GPA 10-11
Weighted: 4.55 Unweighted: 4.0
GPA 9-11
Weighted: 4.34 Unweighted: 4.0
I’m currently ranked in the top 3% of my class.

AP Classes I’ve taken:
AP World History
AP English Language
AP Calculus AB
AP Biology
AP Physics 1

Senior Year Classes:
AP English Literature
AP Calculus BC
AP Environmental Science
AP Statistics

SAT Score: 1380 ACT: 31

I’ve been in ASB (leadership) since I was a freshman. I was Sophomore Class Secretary my sophomore year, Co-ASB President my Junior year, and I will be ASB President again for my Senior Year. I founded the Acts of Random Kindnes (ARK) Club during my freshmen year. I was also Vice President of the Art Your Heart Art Club where we do service/volunteering events through art and have been a part of Interact (service club) since I was a freshman. I’ve been playing water polo and swimming also since I was a freshman.

I’m leaning towards applying Undecided for both schools and I live in California so I am applying for out of state. What are my chance of getting in? What should I work on to improve my chances? What are the Pros and Cons for each school?

Your SAT score will undercut your application. Everything is going for you but your SAT score, which may be a deal breaker. Retake in August. If you improve your score, your chances will go up proportionally

What score should I be striving for?

@joconer if you don’t take the SAT again, just send your ACT for its “higher”. But if you do take it again I would strive for a 1500.