What are my chances of getting in?

<p>Ok so i was wondering what my chances of getting into Pitt are because it is my dream school</p>

<p>Gpa: 3.2
Sat: Math: 670 Reading: 580 Writing: 530<br>
Ec: 9-10th basketball
10-12th Track and field
10-12 Relay for life (captain all 3 years)
9-12- Key club
9-12 SADD
Also have had a job since 10th grade
Did a buisness camp in the summer called PFEW</p>

<p>Also i have taken 3 ap classes did well in two and poorly in one.
I am trying to major in engineering</p>

<p>Please tell me if i can get in and also i amtaking the SATS once more and what i would need to be gurenteed into the school.</p>

<p>depends what major you are applying for..?</p>



<p>Right now, your SAT is a little on the low side. I would aim to try and get above a 700 on the Math and above a 600 on the CR and writing sections.</p>

<p>Is the 3.2 GPA weighted or unweighted? If it's unweighted....you may be ok, but if it's weighted, I would really focus on getting good grades your first semester of senior year to bring it up. Pitt Engineering gets more competitive every year, and I thinks someone on CC said the average weighted GPA for applications was close to 3.8/3.9 now.</p>

<p>Find 2-3 teachers, preferably in Math or Science who can write you good recommendations. Send those in to Pitt before your transcript.</p>

<p>Also work on writing a really good essay to send in with your application.</p>

<p>Your stats seem to be a bit on the lower side, to be honest, so I think your best bet is to add a lot of supplemental information to your application to help show why you would be a good student/fit at Pitt and what you could bring to Pitt Engineering.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice. And yeah its unweighted. And yeah im retaking the Sats in october and have been practicin hard so im hoping for close to a 1370 in math and reading. Yeah im not worried about the essay just if my gpa and SAts were close to good enough</p>