What are my chances of getting in?

Hello, fellow CC users!

So I’m currently working on my college applications, and I’m not 100% sure of which colleges I should apply
And I would like to ask for ur opinion about my chances of getting into the colleges that I applied to, since I’m not familiar with the standards of us colleges.

I’m a female Asian student who is currently living in Saudi Arabia (and I’ve never been to US before)
I’m planning to major in film studies or visual arts, and maybe minor in computer science

My GPA is 3.98 (UW) and 4.07 (W)
my SAT score is 1950
I took AP Psychology and AP Comparative Government in Junior year (got 5 for ap psych and 3 for ap cg)
I’m taking AP Calculus, AP Physics and AP Literature right now
Also took several computer courses, but my school didn’t provide any AP computer sciences)
taking film studies course in next semester.
I don’t have SAT II scores… do you think would affect my chances a lot?
My Toefl is 103

My extracurriculars:
President of NHS in 2015-2016 (member in 2014-2015)
Founder and president of a movie club (planning to film a movie by students)
Secretary of environmental club 2015-2016 (member in 2014-2015)
Designer in Chief of Literary Magazine club 2015-2016 (member in 2014-2015)
Prefect (leader) of publications for several school plays / crew of publications and tech for several school plays
Honors band trip in Inter-Kingdom band festival; planning to go this year too.

Volunteering in “Open Skies” which is a therapeutic program to help disabled children to ride horses (once a month after school on Thursday)
Volunteered in missionary trip to Bangladesh to help orphans (traveled for two weeks)
Helping Arabian Wings (an organization to spread Arts and Culture in Saudi) to film an advertisement (I was just featured in it… said couple of lines in the video)

Top 10 scholar
presidential award of academic excellence
High honor rolls (acheiving GPA of more than 4)

So these are my choices:

I applied to UCLA, UCSD, UCSC so far.

Top choices (reach)
UCLA (cinema studies)
NYU (Tisch school of arts; cinema studies)
USC (cinematic arts or computer science)

Fordham (visual arts)
UCSD (visual arts / computer science)
UCSC (game deign and computer science)
Emerson college (visual arts; I’m not sure if I will apply)
New York Film Academy (cinematography / animation)
Penn State (computer science; not sure if I will apply)

What are the chances of me getting into these colleges, and which colleges should I consider applying to?

Thank you :smiley: