What are my chances of getting in?

<p>What are my chances of getting in?</p>

<p>GPA (Out of 5 pt scale): 4.0 (weighted)
3.5 (Out of 4 scale) (weighted)
Top 25% of Graduating Class</p>

<p>From MA, junior
Very Competitive High School</p>

<p>ACT score - 32
SATscore - 2200</p>

<p>SAT II Scores
-Biology E: 780
-Chem: 760
-Math Level 2:760</p>


<p>US History - 5
Chem - 5
Bio - 5
Calc - 5
Psych -5
Physics -4</p>

<p>List of most important ECs:</p>

<p>-FIRST Robotics (Group Captain)
-Shadowing local dentist
-Participated in American Dental Education Association Conference (in D.C)
-MassBioEd Health Game Design Program (Cambridge)
-Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field (Captain)
-Teaching French at Elementary School</p>

<p>Interested in Chemical Engineering major with Pre-Dental</p>

<p>Do you think I have a chance at the honors program?</p>


<p>i say in. nice test scores, ec's, ap scores & sat II scores. just make sure to apply by the priority date. last yr it was november 30th</p>

<p>I think your chances are very good. I would recommend applying early to both the school and Scheyer.</p>