What are my chances of getting into a Clinical Psych PhD program?

Hi! This is my first post here, so hopefully I’m doing it right!

I am a senior at Texas Tech University, graduating in December. I plan on applying for Clinical Psych grad programs for Fall 2024. I’m specifically interested in doing research on LGBTQ individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder, and if being disowned by their parents has anything to do with their diagnosis.

I am hoping to apply to University of Michigan, University of Washington, Penn state, University of Pittsburgh, UC Berkeley, and University of Minnesota.

GPA: 4.0
Research experience: At time of applying I’ll have been a research assistant in a Clinical lab focusing on LGBT individuals for one year.
LOR: One will be from a TA who I had for 2 semesters. Lots of writing assignments and research studies in her class that she can vouch for. My other two will probably be from a grad student in my lab and the lab professor himself. I do lots of quality coding/statistical analysis in the lab.

I don’t have a ton of experience in research, unfortunately, so I’m very worried. However, since my research interest is pretty niche, and I have a great GPA, I’m hoping I have some pull.

I’m trying to find a job or internship with clinical experience. I might get a job working for a foster care agency. If anyone has any advice on how I can make myself more competitive please let me know!

Your personal statement can be a very key part of your grad school application so make sure you strategize that. Also, do these programs require the GRE? A high score can be a significant boost for some schools. Don’t overlook these two elements of your application.

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I agree that your personal statement will be very important, as will your LORs. Have you been on some of the other websites (I will PM you). They may be helpful as you could ask questions and be part of a group of current and prior applicants.

They don’t require the GRE, but I might take it anyways sometime soon.

Have you done any volunteer crisis counseling (phone/text support)? That would give you clinical experience. There are many options out there for this type of work. but you might want to look up The Trevor Project. That ties into your interests.

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