What are my chances of getting into a UC?

Hi I’m a senior in high school and I have a relatively low gpa/test scores
Sophomore year I didn’t really take school seriously and I got a 3.0 gpa
Junior year 3.8
Senior year 4.2
Im hoping the admissions will take into account that I’ve been improving …
Overall UC gpa is 3.6

For ECs I volunteered at a hospital a lot,steering club and some teen court (mock court trials)

My essays were pretty good overall

Also if anyone has any stories of people getting accepted with low gpa/scores that would be great :slight_smile:

Which UC’s? Test scores? Intended major? Did you apply for this Fall?

UCs are numerous and varied. If you’re talking UCB and UCLA, your chances don’t look so good. Some of the others, however, might be better matches. However, test scores, major choice, class rigor, etc. will all be significant factors. You’ve got to give us a bit more.

Yes, I applied for this fall as a freshman. I applied to all the UCs except Merced and Santa Cruz
And went as an Anthropology major
I got a 25 on my ACT

I also took a psych class at UCLA (through extension) first semester senior year and got an A and sent in the transcript with my application as well

I’m hoping my essays will help out a lot

Also there was a kid at my school with an okay-ish gpa and a 24 on his ACT and got accepted to Ucla last year so I’m just hoping for the best

Best chances at UCR. UCI/UCD/UCSB: Low Reach UCSD/UCLA/UCB: Reach

UC GPA and test scores are below average for the majority of the schools. If you essays are outstanding then maybe you could get a bump in your chances. What is your safety school?

Since UCLA’s average ACT was 30 last year and a 24 is below the 25th percentile, that kid must have had some extraordinary circumstances that made him/ her stand out in the eyes of admissions. Recruited athlete perhaps?

Well my backup is to go to community college then transfer
And I have no idea how that kid got in haha!
Thank you so much for everything! :slight_smile: