What are my chances of getting into all of the UCs, UIUC, and UW?

Hi what are my chances of getting into the school above.
I am a senior in high school right now.

My gpa is a 3.36UW and a 3.76W. My SAT score is 1870 (old SAT).

I played on my high school JV tennis team for 3 years. I participated in Speech and Debate club for 4 years, DECA for three years, and KEY club for 2. This summer I did an internship for the city I live in by helping them remake their city website. I also tutor children grades 6th-8th in math.

In terms of AP classes
I have taken:
AP BIO (3)

My senior year I am taking

I am going to be applying as a computer science major.

Also if there are any colleges that I should consider please let me know, I am still open to applying to others.
Thank you.

UC GPA? Please post weighted UC GPA capped and uncapped please. Any plans to retake SAT or try ACT? What about subject tests?


You happen to pick one of the most competitive majors. Are you in-state for CA schools?

My UC GPA would be:

Unweighted GPA: 3.42
Weighted GPA: 3.71
Weighted and Capped GPA: 3.71.

I am planning on taking the new SAT in October but not a subject test and I am in-state for CA schools.

Chances based on current stats and I have listed the % admitted Freshman within your UC GPA range for 2015 (3.40-3.79). This does not take into account test scores, EC’s and essays along with competitive majors (CS/Engineering/STEM) vs less competitive majors but just overall UC GPA. You will need to raise your test scores by several hundred points for a solid chance UCSC and UCI. Also, there are recommendations for SAT subject tests for CS majors (Math 2 and a science) so you should consider taking these to make you a more competitive applicant.

UC Merced: Safety (80%)
UC Riverside: Match (64%)
UC Santa Cruz: High Match (47%)
UC Irvine: Low Reach (16%)
UC Santa Barbara: Reach (13%)
UC Davis: Reach (11%)
UC San Diego: High Reach (6%)
UCLA: High Reach (3%)
UCB: High Reach (2%)


You have too many Reach schools and you need more Match schools on your list.

I would also look at some of the Cal states such as Cal state Long Beach, Fullerton and Cal Poly Pomona for Match schools and your local CSU as a safety unless you are happy to attend UCM.

Good Luck.

Thanks for the information about the UCs and the state university recommendations. Do have any information about UIUC and UW (Seattle)? Or any other out of state recommendations?

Some other universities I am looking at Purdue and University of Michigan.

UIUC really depends on your intended major.
Forget about UMich. It is a high reach for you.

Thanks for the information.

UIUC Engineering would be a low chance with ECE and CS being the most competitive.

UIUC and Washington are extremely competitive for direct admission to the CS major, although they may admit you to the campus but not the major (although probably still reachy for you). Enrolling in either school outside the CS major would mean another competitive admission process (including needing a high college GPA) to get into the CS major.

Washington’s Common Data Set reports the unweighted GPA of enrolled freshmen in 2015 as follows:

3.75 to 4.00: 64.24%
3.50 to 3.74: 27.16%
3.25 to 3.49: 6.52%
3.00 to 3.24: 1.52%
Under 3.00: 0.56%