What are my chances of getting into Barnard ? International Indian student

I study in a very tough and competitive Indian syllabus pattern called CBSE and I’ve done pretty well considering. I got 93% in grade 9, 94.6% in my grade 10 boards (like A levels or some other competitive exam), I dipped in grade 11 to an 88.7% total but I’m working my grades back up right now. Im Indian but live in Saudi Arabia which doesn’t allow much (or any actually) opportunities for extra curricular activities but I’ve been heavily involved in any school assembly and was in the throwball (kinda like volleyball) teams for the past three years. My biggest drawback is the fact that there aren’t many extra curricular or even out of school opportunities to back my resume with and also because of COVID I couldnt give my SATs at all. I know Barnard is heavily emphasizing being test optional but I want to know how much that hurt my chances and if I have a chance? (Also worth mentioning that I applied to NYU but got waitlisted there)

What other exam? Saying “Some other exam” isn’t very helpful when it comes to figuring this out.

I think you could compare this to any ap exam. Our standard curriculum is practically us AP curriculum so yeah I think you could take that as a comparison (however the boards are a national exam to be taken by everyone and not an elective)

are u planning to apply ed?

I applied rd