What are my chances of getting into BC for the spring of 2011?

<p>I am a white male from in state.</p>

<p>SAT I's :
Math: 800 Reading:680 Writing: 650</p>

<p>SAT II's :
Math I: 650 Math II:660 USH: 670</p>

<p>AP Classes:</p>

<p>Calculus AB- score pending/Chemistry-pending/US History-pending/Econ-next year/Stats-next year/Calc BC-next year</p>

<p>4.12 GPA out of 4.5</p>

<p>*Not yet sure about class rank, however I am hoping to be in top 5% of my class
Honors and Achievements</p>

<p>-Honor Roll Maintained at or above B Average 2007-8 Grade 9
2008-9 Grade 10<br>
-Wind Ensemble ABCD Award- Above and Beyond the Call of Duty 2009 Grade 10
-Wind Ensemble Most Improved Musician Award 2009 Grade 10
-MICCA Wind Ensemble Competition Silver Medal 2010 Grade 11*</p>

<p>-MICCA Orchestra Competition Gold Medal 2010 Grade 11*</p>

<p>-MA Central District Orchestra 3rd Tromdone 2008 Grade 9
-MA Central District Band 1st Trombone 4th Chair 2009 Grade 10
1st Trombone 1st Chair 2010 Grade 11*</p>

<p>-MMEA All-State Band 3rd Tombone 2nd Chair 2009 Grade 10
-Jazz Band IAJE District Festival Silver Medal 2008 Grade 9
Gold Medal 2009 Grade 10
Gold Medal 2010 Grade 11*</p>

<p>-Jazz Band IAJE State Festival Silver Medal 2009 Grade 10 Silver Medal 2010 Grade 11*</p>

<p>-TCSR Soccer Academy Captain 2009 Grade 10</p>

<p>FHS Tri-M Music Honors Society- Tri-M is the international honor society recognizing secondary music students for their musical ability, academic excellence, school involvement, and community service</p>

<p>Also a member of National Honors Society at my High school</p>

<p>2 year varsity soccer team</p>

<p>youth service corps at my local *catholic church for 6 years</p>

<p>Music Mentor during this two week program running from 8 am- 4pm for 9 days. Assist the younger students, help with the small group lessons, run the daily recreational activities, help setup for the concert and with the final performance and the celebration at the end of the program. 72 hours during the summer for four summers</p>

<p>Youth Soccer Referee – Worked as a youth soccer referee, refereeing youth soccer ages 10-18. Worked for BAYS, MASC, and MAPLE soccer leagues. </p>

<p>Thinking about writing my college essay about my experience with kids both at my church and at the summer music camp, both which I volunteer at</p>

<p>I was wondering what my chances would be at getting into BC....any advice?</p>

<p>Other Colleges I am looking at:</p>

Providence College
Uni. of Richmond
Carnegie Mellon</p>

<p>Do I have good chances at any of these schools either?</p>


<p>Gosh, I wish I could help you more, but I'm not really familiar with most of these schools. I'd suggest raising your SAT scores--especially for CMU. Try to get your subject tests in the 700s, same goes for the reading and writing scores on your SAT1. Good luck!</p>

<p>i think you got a good shot at all of those except C Mellon</p>