what are my chances of getting into berkeley?

<p>I am ending my junior year of high school
I have a weighted gpa of 3.8, and am planning on working hard senior year to get it over 4.0, low due to lots of B's sophomore year
i have taken 4 ap classes so far and many honors.
next year (senior yr) i plan on taking ap psychology, ap calculus, ap literature, and ap statistics.
i am in national honors society and am captain of the varsity competitive cheerleading team. I have been on cheerleading team since freshman year. won state every year so far, and placed top ten at nationals.
plan on teaching sunday school next year, and doing deca. I will continue to volunteer as well.
I am out of state so i know that will hurt my chances, but just wondering if i've got a shot :)</p>

<p>I realized i didnt make it very clear on what classes i have taken..
sophomore year- ap us history -spanish 1 -honors algebra 2 -honors biology -honors english 10 -choir
junior year -honors pre calc -spanish 2 -ap macro economics -chemistry -ap human geography -ap language.. senior year i will be taking the ap classes previously posted and honors spanish 3 and honors geology. I had quite a few B's sophomore year, but worked really hard to get straight A's this year, and will continue to do so next year.</p>