What are my chances of getting into Brown University?

I am currently a high school senior and applied to Brown ED. I know the chances are not in my favor, but with the early decision release date merely 12 days away, I have been getting really stressed and anxious about getting a denial letter/contemplating what my decision will be. I know I am at the bottom of the application pool, at least with respect to the numbers, but here is a snapshot of my application:

GPA: Unweighted: 3.84, Weighted: 4.19
ACT: 28, writing: 8
SAT: 1330, writing: 17 (submitted both scores)
AP classes: 6 in total
Honors classes: 12
4 years of English, 4 years of social sciences, 4 years of science, 4 years of math, three years of Spanish

EC’s: Peer tutor, Leadership program where students work in groups focusing on a project to address different issues in the community, regular summer volunteer at a children’s hospital, round-year volunteer at animal shelter, Summer internship at a police station record bureau, summer job with the Chicago cubs baseball team as a guest service ambassador
Common app essay: my evolution throughout high school of realizing the Impact I can have as an individual

community: talked about the animal shelter and what it has taught me
where I have lived: talked about the diversity of my town in terms of race, ideas, experience, etc
why I want to study my indicated area of study: I chose BEO and public health, said the things I have learned through volunteer experience has guided me to the public health field, I liked the BEO program because it really emphasizes group work, and public health at brown is exceptional because it teaches students all sides of the spectrum of the field
Why brown: Talked about my interest in Brown’s commitment to honesty and integrity, talked about how the open curriculum allows students to see learning in many different realms, how I get to study my passions and take classes on things I never thought I would learn or be interested in

Teacher letters of rec:
One from my AP English teacher I had junior year who I also had for freshman English
One from my AP chemistry teacher who loved me because I worked really hard even thought I definitely had to work more than others in the class

White, female, cisgendered, straight, from midwest, region, willing to pay in full tuition (probably doesn’t help because Brown is truly need blind), no legacy

Other people’s stats and application info, people’s advice and opinion on whether I have a chance or am reaching way too high, and other people’s feelings and nerves on their Brown application/any other school’s application would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Your stats put you in the lower 25% of the applicant pool so without a hook of some kind it will be difficult. See if there is a possible ED2 school you like and have a backup plan - there are plenty of great choices.