What are my chances of getting into cal state Fullerton?

Sat: 990
Gpa: 3.75
California resident
My sat will change though because I’m retaking it in October

Is your GPA of 3.75, the capped weighted CSU GPA? Intended major? Are you in the local service area?


CSUF admits by eligibility index and major. Your EI is (CSU GPA capped weighted x800) + (SAT Math + EBRW).

Based on posted stats, your EI is 3990.

If you are local, an EI of 3600+ should be competitive
If you are non-local, then an EI of 3800+ can be competitive.

Much depends upon the stats of each in-coming Freshman applicant in your major, so EI’s can fluctuate from year to year.

Bumping up your SAT score will help your chances.

Definitely apply widely and make sure you have at least 2 safety schools on your list.

Biology and I don’t know what a cap weighted gpa, but my total weighted gpa is a 3.75

The Cal States have a specific way of calculating your CSU capped weighted GPA and the GPA on your HS transcript may not be right.

First, they use only grades from 10-11th grades for the a-g courses.

Then you will get an extra honors point for each semester that you have taken a UC approved Honors, AP, IB or Dual Enrollment course during 10-11th grade. The cap is 8 semesters of these Honors points.

Here is the calculator. Just count up the # of A’s, B’s, C’s etc… for these 2 years and add 1 point for each semester of the approved Honors courses. If you are unsure how to calculate, you can post you are unable to calculate and I will send you a PM where you can list your classes with grades and I can help you calculate.


Sorry for the typos. I did send you a PM on the a-g course list.

Only took 1 ap and physiology and anatomy and currently taking physics

Did you calculate your CSU GPA based on the calculator I linked?

Then plug in your CSU GPA and SAT score into the eligibilty index formula.
(CSU GPA x800) + (SAT Math + EBRW).

Whst is your EI and intended major?

No how do I use the link

The link you sent me says I could have any sat score based on my gpa to get into a CSU

You are applying to CSU Fullerton which is an impacted campus meaning there are more qualified applicants than spots, so you need above average stats to get an acceptance.

Is your CSU GPA 3.75? If so, then you need to calculate your Eligibility index based on the formula I gave you. If your EI is above 3800, you have a chance for an acceptance but it is not guaranteed. You will be ranked based on your EI and major. CSUF will accept from the top down until all spots are filled. Since you do not know the stats/EI of the other applicants for your major, then it is in your best interests to bump up your SAT score so you will be competitive.

The non-impacted campuses such as CSU Bakersfield, East Bay, Dominguez Hills, Stanislaus will accept you based on the minimum EI but for impacted campuses you need to be above the minimum.

If your GPA is above 3.0, then any SAT score qualifies you to apply to the Cal States but it does not qualify you to be accepted to all of them.