What are my chances of getting into Clemson Civil Engineering?

I’m a junior from out of state and I’m interested in Civil Engineering

My SAT score is my only really weak point with a 1290: 690 in math and 600 in english but I will be trying to improve it…

I have a 4.0 GPA with all honors/AP

AP Classes taken/will take by end of high school:
AP World
AP Lang
AP Calc BC
AP Italian
AP Physics C

I also have done many hours of community service.

I am a member of Key Club and Patriots Club which both help the community around me.

I’m a member of 3 honor societies: Math, Language, and National.

Throughout high school I have also taken 3 college level engineering courses and other college level electives plus physics.

I also have a job working for a test prep company as an assistant. And I also am a counselor at a sleepaway camp.

What are my chances of getting in next year based on what I have shared?

So obviously nobody can tell you for sure if you’ll get in, but I was just admitted under engineering so I’ll give you my stats and maybe that will help? Though I might not be indicative of everyone, there’s always a chance you get in with completely different numbers. I’m also OOS, and to date, I have never taken an engineering class.

GPA W- 4.2
GPA UW- 3.7
AP Calc AB
AP English Lit
AP English Lang
AP Environmental
AP Psychology
AP US History
5 Honors Societies (President of Mu Alpha Theta)
Job since sophomore year
700+ community service hours