What are my chances of getting into Columbia, Princeton, UPenn, Cornell, NYU, or UCLA

<p>My GPA is 4.1UW and 5.2W. My class rank is 9/488. Here are my grades:</p>

Geometry (H) - 95/100 (A)
Algebra II (H) - 98/100 (A+)
Physics (H) - 92/100 (A- had a teacher who didn't teach but gave us ridiculously difficult tests)
French II (H) - 97/100 (A)
English 9 (H) - 98/100 (A+)
European History (H) - 98/100 (A+)
Orchestra - 97/100 (A)</p>

Pre-Calculus (H) - 98/100 (A+)
Probability and Statistics (H) - 99/100 (A+)
English 10 (H) - 94/100 (A)
World Cultures (H) - 98/100 (A+)
Biology (H) - 96/100 (A)
Chemistry (H) - 98/100 (A+)
French III (H) - 95/100 (A)
French IV (H) - 94/100 (A)</p>

AP Chemistry - 95/100 (A in class, 5 on exam)
AP Calculus BC - 97/100 (A in class, 5 on exam)
AP French - 92/100 (A- in class, 4 on exam)
AP Government & Politics - 98/100 (A+ in class, 5 on exam)
American Studies (H) - 91/100 (A-)</p>

<p>For senior year I will be taking:
AP Physics
AP European History
AP Macro+Microeconomics
AP Literature
AP Environmental Science
I also self studied these AP subjects:
AP World History - (during sophomore year - 5 on exam)
AP Psychology - (during sophomore year - 5 on exam)
AP Biology - (during sophomore year - 4 on exam)
AP Statistics - (during sophomore year - 5 on exam)
AP US History - (during junior year - 5 on exam)
Standardized Test Scores:
Critical Reading:720

<p>SATII Math Level 1 - 780 (99th percentile)
SATII Math Level 2 - 800 (89th percentile)
SATII Chemistry - 800 (93rd percentile)
SATII World History - 790 (96th percentile)
AP National Scholar
National Merit Semifinalist
School newspaper for 3 years
Chess Club for 2 years
National Honor Society Vice President for 1 year
National Music Society for 1 year
Cooking for a Cause for 2 years
I am an Asian female living in a middle-class suburb in Pennsylvania. My parents make less than $100,000 total a year so I will be applying for financial aid. Do you think I could have a chance at Columbia, Cornell, Princeton, UPenn, or Yale?</p>

<p>You have great stats, but your ECs may be a little weak. If you show a passion for them it will not be a problem. Basically, you are a competitive student (30+ACT or 2050+SAT and 3.75+GPA (out of 4.0)). Unfortunately, there are many other competitive students. If you write an amazing essay, you will be fine. Good Luck!
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<p>You're in an incredibly competitive pool at ivies being Asian from the mid Atlantic. I would raise the CR score, work on positioning ECs and try ED at Cornell or Penn.</p>

<p>Rock solid GPA and SAT, awards and a ECs are a little lacking for ivies - but you can still change that. Also, a good essay and recs should put u in good shape, except for the fact that your Asian and that puts u in a pool of EXTREMELY competitive students...good luck though!</p>

<p>And chance me too? </p>

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<p>You have a great GPA and SAT, and you'd definitely get into every school you apply to if you were Hispanic or Black. But since you're Asian, there's no guarantee you'll get into every school you listed.</p>