What are my chances of getting into cornell?

<p>Rank: 31 out of 443
AP: I got a 3 on Stats, Bio, English Language & Comp, and a 4 on European History, U.S. History and am currently taking AP microeconomics, AP Calculus AB/BC, AP English Literature and Composition, AP Government and Politics and AP computer science.
GPA(SC uniform grading scale): UW: 3.4, W: 4.23(worst point)
SAT: 680 math, 620 reading, 620 writing
SAT Subject Tests: Math 2: 710; Biology: 700
ACT(highest scores out of two): 27 English, 32(math, science, reading), 8 writing
I played on tennis team for two years, and have been a member of science national honor society, beta club(senior year secretary) and a humanitarian club for most of my four years in high school.</p>

<p>Do I stand any chance in admissions?</p>

<p>You stand a slim chance. However Cornell has been known to accept people with these credentials. Even lower ACT and SAT scores made it through so you should give it a try.</p>

<p>I think you have to answer, “Why is Cornell a good fit?” If you can be convincing, you can get in with those stats.</p>