What are my chances of getting into Drexel University?

I applied to Drexel, and I think the notifications go out before April 1st. I am really hoping to get in, and I thinking my SAT score is really dragging me down. What do you think?

SAT superscored: 1120
GPA ( out of 4.0 ): 3.41

I have volunteer work, NHS, work experience, good recommendations, and take APs and have done College in High School… just wanted to see what you guys thought, I don’t want to get my hopes up LOL! :slight_smile: Thanks!

My daughter got in with just slightly better stats. She received $13k merit but was not immediately admitted into her desired major (Business/marketing).
Drexel is very expensive so make sure you can afford it! Good luck, I think you will be admitted but perhaps without any merit aid.

It is hard to say since your scores are on the bubble it may depend on the major you are applying for. Don’t be surprised if you are waitlisted. Best of luck!