What are my chances of getting into Drexel?

I am really stressing about getting into my first choice and dream school Drexel.
I have a 3.65 wGPA and a 24 ACT, 2 APs and many honors
I don’t have a rigorous senior year (only one honors), but all my classes apply to my desired major, Product Design at Westphal college.
I am not worried about the strength of my resume and essay since I have done many great and interesting things for my private school and community.
I am from the Northeast and a male.
I would like to go early decision, is that a good idea with my current resume?
What does everyone think? Have people gotten accepted on early decision with similar stats? Please HELP I am actually stressing.

If you are applying for fall 2020 (since early decision for fall 2019 was back in nov.) and it is your top/dream school, then I would say go for it and that maybe you have a chance of getting in. I know people with similar stats getting in BUT receiving little to no aid. If you can’t afford it don’t take that risk and apply EA.

By aid I mean merit scholarships*^

I can afford it. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve my resume? I can still change my schedule for my senior year. Should i add any more AP classes my school doesn’t have a lot.

I think you have great chances. Take some APs in your senior year and let your GPA get higher. You will need to look into applying around fall this year. I applied this year with a 3.41 GPA UW and an 1120 SAT score ( around 21 ACT ) and I got waitlisted. I applied a little late, mid Jan RD, to their school of business. I think you have great chances. Try not to stress and find a safety school as well.

Drexel’s admit rate is like 75%. I think you can do it pretty easy, but it might be a little light on the financial aid side of things.