What are my chances of getting into FAU?

Hey I figured I might as well pose the question to the site as I apply. One thing that is making me lose hope is how much I’ve done for my school. Everything else seems to be sufficient enough for me to get in. I’m wondering what others think about this.

GPA(unweighted): 3.19
ACT: 29
SAT: 1330

of Honors classes: 2

-coding club


First of all, your SAT score is outstanding! With a 68% acceptance to FAU, you are for sure getting in! The test score also saves the gpa because it is a bit low, but that’s okay! Have you tried applying to the Honors College? Also, I’m a senior in high school at the moment and I’m wondering how you got a high score on the SAT because that’s my weak point.

With those test scores? Most likely!! And make sure you emphasize the importance of your coding club.

I had the same SAT score and a lower gpa. You will for sure get in. Also, you should apply for universities like UCF, you might have a decent shot at getting in.