what are my chances of getting into ga tech, ga state, clark atl

<p>9th grade: (i don't exactly remember the avg. but i remember the letter grade)
honors english I- C
algebra I-D
world geography-B
physical science-C</p>

<p>10th grade:
english II- C
geometry- B (84)
us history- B

<p>11th grade
english III- A
algebra II- C
honors us history- B
chemistry- C
Anatomy & physiology- C
i doubled up on my sciences </p>

<p>12th: (next school year)
honors physics
ap literature
econ./ gov.
algebra III</p>

<p>i havent taken my ACT yet but i will be taking them in june...how can i increase my chances of getting in the following colleges?</p>

<p>geogia tech, georgia state, uga, clark atlanta</p>

<p>what colleges do you recommend i start out at? i want to be an ob/gyn</p>