What are my Chances of Getting into Georgetown University?

Georgetown is my dream school rn… I really, really, really want to go there. I have really good ECs, but I’m really scared because my stats are bad. My GPA overall isn’t bad, but I did get 2 B’s junior year. And my SAT is a 1320… I’m just super scared because, even tho they take covid into consideration, I feel like my stats r still quite low. What r ya’ll’s thoughts? Is it possible to get into Georgetown will low stats? Will they consider my application?

If I were you, I would not submit your SAT score because it is well below average for Georgetown. (The average I found online was 1450). You could obviously still have a chance to get in and you should definitely try since it sounds like your dream school, but submitting your SAT score will not help you. Your stats are on the lower end, but because this year is test optional, you probably have the best chance you could ever realistically have. I hope this doesn’t sound too harsh. Make sure your essays are really good and you may have a chance (especially if you also have strong extracurriculars)!! Also be sure to apply to some safety schools where your SAT score is in the 75th percentile just in case. I am no expert by the way, so take this comment with a grain of salt. Good luck!! :slight_smile:

That SAT is on the low side, but you probably still have to submit. Read GU’s policy closely, it’s not exactly test optional. That said, scores will probably matter a bit less for everyone because not everyone will submit them. 2 B’s are a bit less of a concern IMO. Yes you still have a chance.

Yeah, Georgetown University is not a score choice school, so I have to submit all my standardized testing scores…

@HSStudent5 I think I might’ve seen the same thing that u had seen… online it does say that Georgetown (College) is test-optional, but not Georgetown University. I was very confused about that, so actually attended a Georgetown session just to ask about it.