What are my chances of getting into GWU?

<p>I'm a junior in high school and I REALLY want to go to GWU. Here are my stats:</p>

<p>ACT - 33 Math, 30 English, 26 Reading, 25 Science, 9 Essay, 29 Composite (I'm going to retake this)</p>

<p>SAT II - 680 Chemistry, 680 Math</p>

<p>GPA - 93.521 weighted </p>

<p>Will have taken 6/7 APs and 7 honors classes by senior year.</p>


<p>9th grade year:
Varsity XC, JV Lacrosse, Student Trainer, Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra, KSU Music Clinic (Summer), Mission trip to Northern Ireland and Scotland with church (Summer)</p>

<p>Awards- Patrick S. Gilmore Award in Band, Most dedicated camper at KSU Music Clinic</p>

<p>10th grade year:
Varsity XC, Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra, second chair oboe in District Honor Band, Tutoring math at local public school, Acolyte at church, Experiment in International Living in France w/ scholarship (Summer)</p>

<p>Awards- Patrick S. Gilmore Award in Band</p>

<p>11th grade year:
Varsity XC manager, Community Service Club, school newspaper, Young Democrats Club, Tutoring junior high kids in math, in three woodwind quintets, Georgia Youth Symphony Orchestra, Obama 2012 Volunteer Campaign, second chair oboe in District Honor Band, Acolyte at church, fourth chair oboe in All State Band, first chair oboe while playing for Georgia Ballet Company, tutoring math at local public school, GERLS (Girls empowering relationships and leadership services- basically a club that talks to younger girls about body image)</p>

<p>If you could just tell me your opinions on my chances and what you think GWU is looking for that'd be great!</p>

<p>GWU: Match</p>

<p>Thanks! Does anyone else have an opinion too? Is there something I could do to make me a more attractive student?</p>

<p>You seem like a good candidate for George Washington. Considering other things you could do to improve your chances, your ACT score and SAT II scores could be improved a bit. But your extracurriculars are fine and, as far as your GPA goes, I’m unfamiliar with the 100-point system; but I’ll assume a 93.521 is considered quite high. Good luck!</p>

<p>GWU: Match</p>

<p>Please, don’t retake the ACT or else you’ll suffer from Tufts Syndrome. And try to demonstrate interest: contact adcoms, contact faculty, get on their mailing list,</p>

<p>I got in touch with the admissions office and I’m going to meet with a student and sit in on a class. Hopefully they’ll know I’m really interested!</p>