What are my chances of getting into Managerial Econ?

Hi, I’m interested in transferring into Davis as a Managerial econ major
My GPA is a 3.3 and I will be finishing my IGETC this semster however I will be missing Calc 1 and Calc 2 for my pre reqs
I wont be able to take it during spring and summer bc I still need to finish precalc & trig
How are my chances of getting in? (I also applied for tag)

Are Cal 1 and Cal 2 required for transfer? Do you meet all the criteria to TAG?

I just transferred to UCD in Man Econ. Cal 1 & 2 are a requirement, because some of the upper division classes are heavily based on knowing calculus. You might be able to bypass it if you speak with admissions. I’d recommend to shoot them an email or give them a call.

if you qualify for TAG, take the classes and earn the GPA, you are in… but, it sounds like you may not have met some of the TAG criteria. Required means required. My guess is that you won’t be admitted.

How about UCR’s Biz major?

I do qualify for the tag requirements but I just haven’t finished the pre math classes for calc 1 and calc 2 to be able to take it. It does not say calc 1 and 2 is a requirement on assist. It only mentions it as a pre req. I will most likely contact them and see how it goes

Calculus is a requirement for admission to UCR’s business school. A couple of years ago, I asked the assistant dean of admissions why the GPA requirement is in the low 3’s to get admitted to UCR’s undergraduate business school. The response was that many students have difficulty with the calculus requirement…