What are my chances of getting into McGill Unversity?

-For my freshman and sophomore year, I attended a traditional high school and got an average of 93.

  • I suffered mental health issues, so I transferred to an alternative high school for my junior and upcoming senior year.
    -I took AP courses at a nearby traditional high school and got all 5’s on them.
  • I took four SAT II exams. Lowest was a 690, 730, and the other two are 800’s
  • I plan to take three or four more AP exams in my senior year.
  • My junior average at the nearby traditional high school was around 95.
    -The courses at my alternative school are ungraded.
  • I plan to take the SAT in October. My target score is around 1450.
    -I plan to major in art history at McGill.

What are my chances? Thank you!

McGill is very transparent with the grades and SAT scores required for admission to each program. Check your grades and scores against those listed on this page. https://www.mcgill.ca/applying/requirements/usa If the cutoffs are the same for 2021, and your scores are higher, you’re in.