What are my chances of getting into MIT and McGill? (IB student)

Finally giving in and doing one of these chance me threads <//3

I’m a US citizen currently attending an international boarding school.

I intend to major in physics, but spent most of high school preparing for a pre-law track so I’m worried I might not be able to create a strong STEM application.

My school doesn’t do GPA but I’m predicted a 41/45 for IB.
Here are my classes:
HL English LL
HL Global Politics
HL Analysis & Approaches
HL Physics
SL Economics
SL French

I also took the ACT and got a 35 composite

For some extracurriculars:

  • editor in chief of a national publication
  • started a physics research club
  • TedX
  • organized several conferences in my city → stem angle included
  • national qualifier for debate
  • model UN
  • organized national debates and workshops for civic political engagement
  • partnered with grassroots organizations to register/educate voters

As you can see most of these are humanities-oriented… I’m equally passionate about both physics and pre-law so I could conceivably apply for either one and then double major (I’m aware pre law isn’t an official major in the US, so it would be a related field).

I’m also applying to Columbia, Wellesley, Mt. Holyoke, and several schools in the UK. And I’m very open to suggestions for other places to apply <33

Thanks for reading my 1am panic thread xoxo

McGill has admission requirements for IB students here:https://www.mcgill.ca/undergraduate-admissions/apply/requirements/international/ib.
As it turns out, you need 38/42 predicted for the physical sciences group. I do not know how many bonus points you were predicted but regardless you would be competitive.

For many schools in the US, your GPA / test score would inform your decision - moreso than which APs you took. Some schools don’t even admit by major.

I know you’re looking for elite.

I would simply ensure you are applying to safeties/targets. Don’t know about McGill or the British schools but MIT, Columbia and Wellesley will be tough. Mt. Holyoke much less so and seems would be likely if simply looking at stats. Have you looked at Bryn Mawr?

Any budget issues/concerns? I assume not but your scores would score you big merit at some big publics (with Honors colleges).

Best of luck to you.

I think you have a very good shot at McGill. As of two years ago, they pretty much only cared about GPA and ACT/SAT. They didn’t even want to know about ECs.

They admit on a sort-of rolling basis, so I recommend getting your application in with them as early as you can. But don’t panic if you can’t — my son wasn’t able to apply to them until mid-January because that’s when his high school released their Fall semester grades (a requirement for the app to be considered complete) and he was accepted pretty quickly thereafter. He applied to two programs and was accepted to one within a week and the other within 3 weeks.

So maybe you can apply for both physics and pre-law ar McGill?

Good luck!

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