What are my chances of getting into NorthEastern

Hi I’m currently a junior whose dream is to go to NEU. These are the courses I took so far:

Freshman year
Honors Geometry
Honors Algebra 2
Advanced English 9
Advanced Chemistry
World and it’s People
French 2vBusiness Survey

My end grades were all above 90 and my GPA was 97.8 These were also the highest level classes I could take plus I also doubled up in math. My rank was 8 out of 251 students

Sophomore year
Honors Pre-Calc
AP Bio
AP Comp Sci
World and it’s ppl 2
French 3
Pottery 1
Advanced American Studies

GPA: 97.4
Grades: end year grades were 90 or above except AP bio which was 85
Rank: 9 out of 251

I just started my Junior year, these are the classes I’m taking

AP Calculus
AP US history
AP Language and Comp
AP Chemistry
Independent study in android app building
French 4
Pottery 2

Senior year I plan on taking these courses:
Calc 3 as an independent study
AP Stat and Discrete
Anatomy and physiology
AP Lit
AP World
Pottery 3

My extracurricular are:
Track- freshman year
Drama club: freshman year -now
Volunteer at hospitals: freshman year - now
Part of a youth group: VP freshman year and junior year
Worked this past summer at a food place
Considering starting a coding club

SAT score I took as a sophomore but will improve on: 1820 (going to try to get it up to 2000)
Sat II Bio: 800

So what do you think my chances are? I’m expecting to do a lot better these last two years because I really want to get into NEU. What’s good about my chances, what needs improvment? Please let me know.

Your course rigor and GPA are very good.

Your EC’s seem to be good as well

For your SAT - keep on studying using Barron’s and Princeton Review. After each practice test, go through each incorrect question and look at why it’s wrong. After reviewing them, try those questions again and see if get them correct or not.

My Advice= ACT–> I took the ACT twice (9/2014 and 6/2015)
-On 9/2014- I got a 26
-On 6/2015- Got a 32

 ***-The ACT could be a better option and if you choose to take it, I suggest you use Princeton Review and Barron's. Also, try to register for an SAT Math II Subject Test (studying for that subject test will really help your ACT Math score!)