What are my chances of getting into Phillips Andover Academy?!

<p>Hey! My name is Salma. I am a Muslim female and I am also Somali. I am in the 8th grade and would really love to start my High school year fresh at Phillips Andover Academy. I am honor student all A's & B's. I take High school math (Algebra) and I am a very motivated student. I am very passionate about science and hope to one day become a doctor. I play field hockey, basketball, and track. I am apart of Student Council, Unity project, Chorus, and Drama. I love to sing and dance!! I have gotten many solo's in the school's chorus, and I am a self taught dancer.I am very independent, and a self learner! I speak somali and english, both fluently! I haven't taken the SSAT's yet, I will be taking them on the 7th of January, and I also am a student who will be needing more help financially. I am very active with Bully awareness around my community, Sticking up for people and myself are just natural to me. I have organized many bullying awareness activities at my school and hope that this would be something I can bring to Phillips Andover. I haven't quite gotten done with filling much of my application, I just thought it would be worth a shot! I am a person people can depend on and I will never bring anyone down! Also, I am very liked by all of my teachers and they are willing to help me do anything to get me into this school, I have been very motivated and I am now receiving nothing lower than a 95-A in all of my classes. I would really love to get some feedback from other people please respond, and I will keep you guys updated about my SSAT scores! Wish me luck!:)</p>

<p>Your case doesn't seem very strong to me, especially with your report card. If you're an international, your chances decrease significantly, considering the stiff competition. Shoot for 94th percentile or above on the SSAT if you want a shot.</p>

<p>You are posting on a board for college applicants. Try the board for Prep School Admission, instead.</p>

<p>Thanks howdoudo989 and I am not an international! But, I will shoot for the 94th percentile! Your response was appreciated:) & GMTplus7 sorry about that, I have just joined college confidential today haha.</p>