What are my chances of getting into RICE University

Hi! I am a junior planning on applying to RICE next early ED. I am soo nervous, so I wanted to see what my chances are. PLZ help:

Race- Asian
Gender- female

SAT- 1450(first try, might take again)
ACT- im planning on taking it but haven’t yet
GPA- 5.0 out of 5.0
Rank- “1”( I say this because our Grading system is really weird, so there are multiple valedictorians;(
I am taking all AP/ Pre-AP classes with A’s in all of them. Im taking dual credit classes also, so I havent taken many AP exams
AP human- 3
AP world history- 4
AP biology- 3

Key Club, HOSA, NEHS, NSHS, and NHS, member.
president of UNICEF at my school and an officer for student council

  • EMT certification at the end of senior year
  • going to volunteer at a hospital over the summer for fun
  • trying to find another program to do over the summer(any ideas??)

Yep, thats all… THANK YOU

You have average chances, a higher ACT or SAT, may be paired with good scores in a couple of SAT 2 can improve your chances. You have perfect GPA and rank #1 but your SAT and AP scores doesn’t match with that.

I honestly think you have a good shot at getting in, but keep in mind they do want subject tests as well, and many people with the same stats as you get rejected, but I think you might be able to get in!!

@Riversider Is the OP actually required to report the AP exam results if they aren’t using the AP courses for college credit? I thought that you d0n’t, and the OP seems to have done very well on the courses themselves.


We don’t know how rigorous is any school’s curriculum and what sort of grade inflation is being practiced. If grades aren’t supported by similar level AP or SAT subject tests then it doesn’t look favourable but it’s not a make or break factor.

However, OP’s SAT is low as well and as there isn’t any mention of PSAT, it’s hard to predict. He sure can withhold bad AP scores but if others at his school are taking those and scoring well then it won’t reflect well. However, it’s all about overall strength of the application so you never know.

I think retaking SAT, getting good LORs, demonstrating interest in attending Rice, and applying ED should help.

For summer, something related to children to tie OP’s UNICEFF & EMT/medical extracurricular together can help.

Some students do better on the ACT than the SAT. Try taking the ACT and/or the SAT again. Visit Rice. Sign up for an overnight visit and interview on campus early in the fall of senior year. If Rice comes to your high school or area, attend the events. These are the latest admission stats Rice has published. https://admission.rice.edu/apply/freshman/admission-statistics

Thank you! I’m having a lot of trouble finding summer programs that take place in June This year.Something Medicine related. Any ideas?

Rice has a program for students from Houston.https://summer.rice.edu/programs/highschool. CC has a forum for summer programs. https://talk.collegeconfidential.com/summer-programs/. Perhaps you would get more response posting there.

@Coolzebra I think you have a shot, show as much interest as possible by visiting, getting in touch with alum/ current students, etc. Proving how you showed interest is on the application. Just so you aren’t blindsided, Rice does not accept dual credit. If Rice is your #1 school it might be better to take AP rather than spend the money on the dual classes that won’t count if you are accepted.