What are my chances of getting into RISD?

Hello all! I applied to RISD a little while back under the regular decision deadline, and I’m very anxious to get my results. Until then, I just want to know what the rest of you think. Should I get my hopes up? RISD is my dream school, but I don’t want to be way too optimistic if I don’t really even have a shot.

Here’s a link to my portfolio: https://www.behance.net/gallery/76989579/RISD-Admissions-Portfolio

My stats:
GPA- Weighted 4.0, Unweighted 3.4
SAT- 1240 (660 English, 580 Math), not great I know
APs- Drawing 5, Lang 5, I will be taking the exams for AP Lit, Macroeconomics, 2D Design and 3D Design this year. I have taken the corresponding classes to those exams, and I have also taken the AP Government class.

Volunteer for the Memory Project
Gold Star Honor Thespian
Head of Costuming Department for our theater productions
Founder/President of Philosophy club
Building STEAM auction participant (and 2nd place winner)
I have won first place in various local art shows
2nd place in the state for the Illinois High School Art Exhibition
Teaching Assistant (Internship) for AP Lang
Early college program at SAIC (Figure Painting and Advanced Projects)
Congressional Art Schow Finalist

I’d really appreciate honest feedback, because I don’t really know where I stand. I am very insecure about my GPA and test scores because I feel like most of the people that get in have straight A’s. I talked to a representative during NPD and she loved my work and urged me to apply ED, but I wasn’t very confident with what I had back in October, so I made some newer stuff (which definitely improved my overall portfolio quality) and applied in January for RD. I indicated that I am interested in majoring in painting, but also want to explore illustration and textiles, though I don’t think that matters. I have already been accepted to SAIC and MICA, and got a half ride to SAIC and 19k from MICA.

Hello! Based on the info you provided I would say you’re likely to get into RISD. Although your GPA and SAT are in the lower-midrange for RISD, you have exceptional extracurriculars and a very well-rounded and developed portfolio. I believe one’s acceptance into RISD is around 50% dependant on one’s portfolio, so don’t be too nervous if your academic stats are not perfect.

Thanks for your input, I made it in! Found out yesterday!