What are my chances of getting into Temple Nursing?

Hi! I’m a senior in high school and my dream school that I’ll be applying to this fall is Temple University. I was scheduled to take my SAT in May, June, and August, but all of those dates got cancelled because of COVID-19. I rescheduled for October, but it is highly likely that it will get cancelled again in my area.

GPA: 4.0 (top 25%-30% of my class)
AP US History (11th grade) Score: 4
AP Biology (12th grade)
AP Psychology (12th grade)
AP Statistics (12th grade)
Duel Enrollment Business, Holocaust
2 years of French
HN Biology, HN Chemistry, HN Anatomy
Many other honors courses
Multiple Anatomy courses
Key Club
Hospital volunteering
Science Club

Do you think I will get accepted based on my stats and extracurriculars?