What are my chances of getting into the College of Wooster? I'm not getting my hopes up.

I plan on to study Classics, Ancient History, or Classical Civilizations.

My SAT scores weren’t very high. Though there are other factors as to why. Stress from my personal life. My score was only a 980. I know that it’s bad. My math score was 460, my reading and writing score was 520, my reading score was 27, my writing and language score was 25, my other math score was 23, my science score was 27, and my history score was 24.

Though my GPA isn’t that high, I’m considered a bright student by my teachers, school counselor, family, and my therapist. My GPA is 3.3. I’ve had medical issues stop me from being in class, so that’s part of the reason that it’s not higher.

I’m Microsoft Office specialized, EverFi specialized, and a completer in business where my grades were at least a B. I’ve taken two years worth of French. I’ve also made honor roll and I have had a 4.0 GPA in the past.

If you have money you’ll get in and you may anyway since those majors are not common. Why do you want to go there? Oh, right, desperate.

I’ve never said that I was desperate. I just like their undergraduate program, and I think the college is beautiful from what I’ve seen in pictures. It’s not too far from home either.

Can you re-take the SAT, or try the ACT? Some people tend do do better on one test over the other.

Don’t listen to johnc33’s comment. He regularly grinds his personal axe against Wooster on this site for reasons you can find in other threads. His opinion really isn’t relevant or worth your time.

Keep trying on your SATs and ACTs – you can take them as many times as you need to. And they superscore at Wooster which means they will take the highest scoring sections of each test and put them together to give you the highest final score possible. My advice would be to talk with the admissions people at Wooster and take a campus tour if you can. Talk with other students and professors. People there are really willing to give you advice and help you with the process. Being visible and showing how interested you are in the school really is a big factor in getting you in the door, even if you don’t think your grades are the best. Be sure to take great care with your essay to tell about yourself and what you are most passionate about. That’s what they want to know and it carries a lot of weight in their final decision. If you show you are passionate about the school and really want to learn, Wooster will find a way to give you the opportunity. Good luck!

As others have said before, definitely try to take the SAT/ACT one more time! If you do the same or a little bit better, Admissions will still see that as an effort to better your score and that you didn’t give up. Your GPA is not bad and as long as you finish the year as best you can, I believe you definitely have a chance. I also encourage to try and keep in contact with your Admissions Counselor at Wooster as much as possible to get your name out there. When I applied, I would almost annoy mine just so they would remember me lol! If you can pay a visit to the campus (which is gorgeous and was the breaking point for my decision) do it! And if you can interview, even better! What I loved most about Wooster’s interviewing process was that they typically put you with a current student which makes everything less intimidating. If neither of those are an option, see if Woo is coming close to you at a college fair or see if you can schedule a phone/Skype interview. By showing efforts to communicate, it shows Admissions that you are interested and care about whether you get in or not. Another factor that could really help you is an essay that really defines who you are and recs from people who you think have seen you best (as more than just a name on their class roster). If you don’t have anyone like that, definitely choose a teacher whose class you did well in and one you struggled in but who saw you work really hard through the material (to show a strength and weakness).

Best of luck and if you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask!