What are my chances of getting into the following universities

<p>*UCLA (first choice)
*UC Berkley
*The George Washington University
*American University
*Johns Hopkins
*Brooklyn College
*Syracuse </p>

<p>Here are my High School Statistics</p>

<p>9th Grade GPA: 3.1 (0 AP courses)
10th Grade GPA: 3.15 (1 AP course)
11th Grade GPA: 4:23 (5 AP courses)
12th Grade GPA: 4.68 (4 AP courses)</p>

<p>SAT Score: 2050</p>

<p>SAT Subject US History: 750
SAT Subject Math 2: 720</p>

<p>I have taken 10 AP courses and I have gotten all 4's and 5's except for one AP test </p>

<p>My AP Classes Include
AP US History
AP European History
AP Calc
AP Stats
AP Language and Composition
AP Biology
AP Government
AP Literature
AP Computer Science
AP Calc 2</p>

*Mock Trial Attorney (I have one the outstanding attorney award at Pitt U twice)
*Forensics (I gotten first place at states and I hold the school record for Forensic Points)
*Junior High Forensic Coach
*I contribute articles for the Anti-Injustice Movement
*I contribute articles for the Reason Project which was started by best selling author Sam Harris
*Student Government (I am the head of Public-Relations for our Student Government) </p>

<p>Volunteer Work
*To start I have over 300 hrs of community service
*I have volunteered for our state congressmen
*I have volunteered for Food Not Bombs
*I have volunteered for the International Socialist Organization </p>

<p>Unique Facts About Me
*I can speak Farsi Fluently
*I am a constantly participate in pro-Iranian lectures, rallies, and protests at many different Universities
*I am a member of the Iranian-American Youth Council
*I created an E-Zine which collects contributions on everything from Marxinian Econ. to Freudian Psychoanalysis</p>

<p>Also I am Iranian-American and not from a very high income bracket (90,000-100,000) so I dont know if that helps me at all</p>

<p>one last thing lol I have not started my senior year so I just assumed the best case scenario for my gpa so assume that what I put is going to be my 12th grade GPA</p>

<p>You need to calculate your uc gpa which only uses soph and jr years and caps the number of AP/honors classes you can count. Then compare here:</p>

<p>UC</a> Admissions Statistics</p>

<p>Thanks for the info</p>

<p>but aside from the UC's what are my chances for the other universities like GWU, American, NYU etc..</p>

<p>Can your parents pay in full for a $55k school?</p>