What are my chances of getting into the University of South Carolina honors college?

I am going to be a senior in the fall and I really want to be in the honors program and university of south carolina especially because honors students automatically get into the international business program that I really want to be in. I am from Minnesota and I am Caucasian.

ACT: composite 32
reading: 35
English: 31
Writing: 8

GPA: 3.98
top 15% of my class

AP tests
4 on AP US history
4 on AP world
3 on AP lang

taking all honors and AP classes my senior year

I am the vice president of my schools DECA chapter (for the second year in a row)
I am a captain of varsity tennis
I have lots of volunteer experience (mostly with my church)
I take business classes at school
I qualified for DECA nationals in 2 events this year

I am working with a college advisor to write my essay so it should be really good. I am also planning to take the ACT 2 more times so Im hoping to end with a 34. Obviously I have to apply soon but is there anything I can do to increase my chances? Do I need to take the SAT subject tests? (just out of curiosity do I have any chance at getting into UNC chapel hill?)

Your stats give you a very good chance at the Honors College, but the essays will be critical. There are two or three that are exclusively for SCHC admission. Take your time with them.

If you aren’t a direct admit to Int’l Business, you can apply for Int’l Business halfway through sophomore year. The number of available spots depends on how many majors there are (some kids start out in the HC and Int’l Business, but then change majors, so the number is different every year). That process requires more essays. My D knows of a few students who got into the program that way.

No SAT subject tests needed.

Good luck!