What are my chances of getting into the Unversity of Washington, UNC, Case Western, or Ohio State?

I’m a Ohio resident
Very competitive high school in Ohio
ranked around 125/473
GPA: 3.77 weighted, 3.2 unweighted
Planning on doing Pre-Med in college

SAT: Taking soon
ACT: 26 (trying to improve it)
SAT II: might take math, chemistry, and biology

Rec letters:
Calc teacher
stats teacher

American Cancer Society Youth Ambassadors (Vice President)
Speech and Debate ( running for treasurer this year)
Model UN
Junior State of America
Volunteering at a local hospital
Volunteering at local science learning center (40 hours)
Volunteered at math learning center (30-50 hours)
Going to India with a non profit organization to help communities for 2-3 weeks
Tennis ( made JV team freshmen year, moved schools sophomore year tried out but didn’t make the team)

I moved schools in my sophomore year and my GPA went down a lot; I didn’t realize how rigorous the new school was gonna be. Slowly bring it up Junior Year though.

That’s basically it, any other college recommendations and advice would be appreciated. I just want to know if how much more work I have to put in. Thanks.

First 3 will be reaches. GPA and test scores are too low. OSU high match.

If you have a mitigating circumstance for low grades, have your counselor explain.

University of Washington (Seattle)*

All will be reaches except for OSU. Perhaps consider University of Cincinnati? They do have a medical school.

Pre-med is not a major. You can major in any subject in college but need to take classes like General Chemistry (1 year), Biology (1 year) Calculus up to Calculus 2/3, Organic Chemistry, and Calculus based Physics.