What are my chances of getting into these colleges? (CHANCE-ME)

Asian (Indian)
International student
Public School (Government-Funded)
Low Income Family

Intended Major(s)- Computer Science/Math or Educational Studies

GPA- 3.85 GPA;
i.e- 91%(9th Grade), 95%(10th Grade), 96%(11th Grade)
I calculated my GPA according to College Vine’s ‘convert GPA to 4.0’ page.

Rank- Top 10% of Class
SAT- 1520 (800-Math; 720- Reading/Writing)

No AP/IB/Honor Classes offered. I have taken 3 online courses from MOOC websites (College Algebra, Calculus I, General Chem) with transferable college credit according to NCCRS/ACE College Credit - Colleges most certainly won’t award credit for this but I just wanted to show initiative by self studying and passing the exams.


National Means cum Merit Scholar- Merit based scholarship given to top incoming HS students nationally

State Merit Scholar- Awarded to top 30 stundetns in the state (merit based)

NTSE-I - Top 15 students from the state (Merit Based)

VVM- Regional level(i.e. represented my state) - Seminars, Experiments

National Science Congress Award- Represented my region by presenting seminars. Chosen as one of the top 3 best seminars of the region.


Co-founder of an NGO - Animal Care NGO; 200+ stray animals taken care of

Top Leader and event organizer for an NGO- Organized dozens of events and reached over 1000+ people; Educational Seminars for Women in Rural Areas; Won best state NGO award by the Chief Minister of State

After School Teacher(volunteer) - Taught middle school students weekly (50+students /week)

Organized week long educational camp for middle school students - 200+ students attended the camp.

Founder- Educational website teaching RWM (Real world math) to primary and middle school students. Hired 9 volunteers till now. I have the roles of- Founder, Content Creator, Illustrator, Web Designer

Model UN- Honorable Mention (2018)
Group Leader (2019) - Lead about 20 University students during my 10th grade

Research- 4 month research with an university professor during 9th grade (research is not published)

Organized digital seminars for COVID-19: Mental Health Care partnered with a local STEM university (100+ attendants)

Job- Computer Technician - Serviced 200+ computers during HS. Paid off my HS tuition from that money

Job- Digital Artist- Proficient in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD, and 3d modeling software like Blender.
Also design websites; I have my own professional personal website.

Hobbies- Music Producer (2+ years)- proficient in arrangement, mixing and currently learning mastering and sound design. Also self teaching myself piano - about 1 year now.

Family Responsibility- Took care of my grandfather suffering from last stages of dementia for 2 years (10+ hrs per week + the mental trauma)

Essays- Strong

Estimated Family Contribution- $4000 per year.

Berea College
Trinity College- ED-1
Lafayette College
Brandeis University
University of Richmond

Please chance me. Thank you!

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Apply ED1 to Amherst since theyre need blind for international students and your record (academics and ECs) is competitive. Trinity favors international athletes so you odds are better at Amherst.
Due to your scores, apply with test scores to universities that offer excellent merit aid for these scores.
I’m thinking UAlabama Huntsville, Miami Ohio, UMN Morris…
Good idea wrt Berea.

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You have competitive scores for these universities except Lehigh and maybe UOR (since it’s test optional)

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You have competitive scores for these universities maybe except Lehigh.

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Thank you! I didn’t know Trinity favors international athletes.
I’m so confused about where to apply ED1 to!!
Amherst looks like a high reach and applying ED1 won’t give me any boost if the ED applicant list has better applications than me. (Which is usually the case for highly selective schools)
Don’t you think that if I have competitive stats for Amherst (competitive enough to have a chance of getting in by applying ED), then it should be reasonable enough for me to expect to get in by applying ED1 in Trinity as well since Trinity is far less selective than Amherst?
Want to know your view in this.
Thank you!

I disagree. OP has competitive scores for all schools listed including Lehigh University and the University of Richmond.

I cannot chance you other than to state that you are a strong candidate for admission to all of the listed schools.

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Your application is very competitive. Don’t sell yourself short.
However, once they’ve cut all applicants that don’t measure up academically and only top international applicants are left, what will matter is how much they can pay. Since you need a full ride, Trinity won’t be able to “afford you” (in part because their budget prioritizes applicants they need, in part because they can probably get 2 or perhaps 3 excellent students for what it’d cost them to admit just you).
Amherst won’t take your ability to pay into account when they decide whether to admit you. So, it’s more selective, but it’s also (oddly) more likely.
You could always try another of the colleges for ED2.
But your needing a full ride will make things very hard for you at LACs since they may want you but may not be able to afford you.


I think you are a really strong candidate for admissions for any of this schools! There seems to be a pretty large selectivity gap between Amherst (8%) and the rest of your schools. That said, Amherst is only one of 5 schools (and the only LAC) that uses need-blind admissions for international students, which might prove advantageous! Best of luck, and I hope Amherst accepts you!

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