What are my chances of getting into these colleges?

<p>I'm an incoming senior in my high school of 3000 students. I rank top 25% of my class of 800 students and I am a resident of California. I immigrated to the US 6 years ago, and is currently a permanent resident. </p>

<p>I plan on applying for the following colleges: </p>

John Hopkins(1st choice+early decision)
U. of Washington at St. Louis
Carnegie Mellon
Boston U. </p>

UCR(safety) </p>

<p>GPA: 3.5(sophomore+junior year only)
SAT: 1830
ACT: 30</p>

Bio E: 690
World History: 680
Chem: 700</p>

<p>AP Classes:
Biology 4
Chemistry 4
English Lang 5
World History 3
US History 4
Statistics 4</p>

<p>Honor classes:
Geometry 1/2 H
English 1/2H
English 3/4H
Biology 1/2H</p>

<p>Classes i'm going to take next year:
Calculus AB AP
English AP
Psychology AP
Photography 1/2
US Gov. </p>

<p>Extracurricular Activities:
Volunteering at local hospital (100 hours)
San Gabriel Valley Youth Council Member
BioMed Research Program
Summer Youth Internship Program
Student Intern at a Breast Cancer Research facility</p>

<p>Also my mentor and i co-authored a research paper in the journal Cancer Research, which is funded by the American Association of Cancer Research. I don't know if it helps my chances or not, but im just throwing it out there. </p>

<p>My main concern is getting into John Hopkins, but responses regarding any of the colleges listed above is appreciated. </p>

<p>Thanks in advance</p>

<p>bump----please answer!! i am filling out applications and can really use some input</p>