What are my chances of getting into these Questbridge partners?

Hi! This is kind of a repeat of my first post, but I really wanted a few more opinions :). I’m a current high school senior, and I was named a Questbridge finalist. I wanted to know everyone’s opinions on my chances of matching to Stanford, Scripps, Pomona, and Rice (in that order).
Female, caucasian
Intended major: Classics
GPA: 3.77 UW or 4.55 W
SAT: 1430 (700R + 730M)
ACT: 33 (36R, 35E, 32S, 27M)
SAT Subject test: Chemistry 700
My school does not rank
Musical theater (leadership role+ main characters) 4yrs
International Thespian Society Vice President 4yrs
Junior Classical League President 2yrs
National Honor Society Vice President 3yrs
National Charity League Secretary 3yrs
National Latin Exam Society Founder/President 1yr
Part-time job (20 hours a week) 1yr
Peer tutoring 3yrs
I also wrote, directed, and performed a one-act play based on a Greek myth
2nd place at National Thespian Festival
1st place at Regional Thespian Festival
Honor Roll- top 15% of class
1st place at state Certamen tournament (classics based competition)
Maxima Cum Laude (2nd place) on the National Latin Exam
Latin Student of the Year
Musical theater student of the year
Rosebud award for volunteering for 250+ hours
I’m currently a ward of the state with abusive parents
First-generation American
Disability- PTSD, Anxiety, Depression
My main concerns are that my GPA and test scores are low for the schools I’m applying to… I feel like I have a good story (neglectful parents and foster care) and good ECs and awards, but I’m afraid my low scores will hold me back.

Congratulations on your achievements, especially under your situation and its challenges.

I can’t chance you, but wish you good luck in the process.

Are those the only 4 schools you ranked?

What state do you live in?

Do you have an affordable safety?

Yes, those are the only four I ranked. I live in Arizona, and I’ve been applying to other colleges with need/merit scholarships. As a ward of the state, I also get free in-state tuition so I’ve applied to a couple of state schools.

Congratulations on everything you’ve done, including becoming a QB finalist.

Now, about 16%-19% of all finalists are matched with one of their ranked colleges. Since that likely includes finalists who did not rank any, the numbers may be slightly higher.

Of those who are not matched, another 30% or so are accepted RD, generally with very good financial packages.

I do not know whether having fewer colleges ranked affects the chances of either matching or RD admissions, and it is difficult to figure out whether there is a difference in admission rates based on the colleges which are ranked.

Since QB finalists are all highly competitive, I would consider that your stats and accomplishments put you in the running for any QB partner.

So I would say, off hand, that your chances at being matched with one of these colleges is likely higher than the average admission rates of these colleges, but likely no higher than the match rate of QB finalists. Since you ranked Scripps College, I think that your chances may be a bit higher, and that, if you are not matched, that you will still have very good chances at being admitted to Scripps RD with a good financial package.

UPDATE: I just found out that I was matched to Rice University!


Congratulations @luckbealady2nite!!! My daughter is a sophomore at Rice and loves it!


Congratulations! Rice is lucky to have you. My daughter is a senior at Rice. It has been a great experience for her. Rice accepted an all time high of 57 Questbridge matches this year so you should have a great incoming Questbridge group.