What are my chances of getting into UCM or UCR?

3.56 UW GPA for 10th-11th grade and I have a D which I did not makeup and will not be able to makeup…. I have a 25 ACT score ( I know this is very low, I am not a bright student ) Do you guys think I have a chance? or the D completely ruins my chance of getting into a UC. thanks for any help .

did you calculate your UC GPA?

Yes it is 3.56 unweighted

Unfortunately, UC’s will not consider you for admission if you received any grade less than a C in a-g courses. I recommend that you start looking at CSU’s.

Do you think they will consider me if I get a B in the make up class for the D I received? @JPhilly99

UC’s will not consider your Senior grades unless you are a borderline applicant and they ask for your Senior Mid-year grades. Usually admissions will only see your final trancript at the end if Senior year. I have heard of UC applicants that have had a D on their transcript get an admission offer from UCR and UCM, but this is only hearsay and have no personal experience. Again, I would defer to your GC whom may have more experience with your situation. You could also contact UC admissions to clarify if it is worth applying. CSU’s are a very good option.